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Get Lippy

By Louise Griew

When it’s chilly outside, keeping your lips silky smooth can be a full-time job.

This season, give your lips the attention they deserve. Follow these three easy steps and kiss off dry, chapped lips forever.

LIP ACTION. Gently exfoliate your lips with a face scrub, such as Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant or a soft toothbrush. Buffing away surface dryness and dead skin cells will make your lips smooth and soft. Next, apply a super-hydrating lip balm such as La Mer Lip Treatment. Keep it handy for reapplication throughout the day and before bed.

KISS-AND-TELL. Applying a light layer of concealer to your lips helps to minimize redness, creating an even canvas for colour (try Stila Cover Up Stick in shades A to J). To define your lips, follow your natural lip line using a neutral-toned lip pencil (try Lancôme Le Lipstick dual-purpose pencil in Ideal). Avoid harsh lines by blending liner into the lips using your fingertip or a lip brush. To correct uneven lips or to create the illusion of fuller lips, use the pencil just outside your natural lip line.

LIP-SMACKING. For maximum moisture, avoid matte lipsticks and stick to a creamy formulation instead (try Lorac lipstick in Stiletto). More is actually more when it comes to lip gloss. Use a gloss with a subtle shimmer to make lips look plump and sexy (try CARGO DailyGloss 30-Pack).

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