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The Great Escape

By Jenny Yuen

Destination spas are the hottest trend in cosmetic surgery. We picked the Top 5 surgery-and-spa getaways around the globe. Pack your bags!

1. Wild thing

The destination: Johannesburg, South Africa
The details: Head to South Africa for a 12-day Surgeon and Safari adventure. Start your vacation with a makeover–including face, eyelid, nose and arm lift by the Surgeon and Safari medical team at a private hospital in Johannesburg. Stay two nights in the hospital and then relocate to the five-star Westcliff Hotel, for a 10-night stay. Once you’re rested and ready for adventure, head out on an all-day Bush Safari. Starting in Philansberg and the Lost City, you’ll ride in an open Land Rover for a game drive, getting up-close-and-personal with lions, tigers, giraffes and other wild animals in their natural environment.
Your way: Choose individually priced treatments or create your own package.
Cost: Approximately $20,000 US.
Contact: www.surgeon-and-safari.co.za or 27 11 463 3154.

2. Tango and a tuneup

The destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina
The details: After arriving in Buenos Aires, choose from a wide range of surgeries, from liposuction or injectable fillers to butt implants or dry-eye treatments. Recuperate at the Regente Palace Hotel. Then, let a personal assistant guide you around the city, showing you the most famous and hidden sights, and ensuring your trip is memorable and unique. Then, take a tango lesson in the afternoon and enjoy dinner and a tango show. Finally, you’ll complete the evening with private Spanish language lessons.
Shop first: Go to www.plenitas.com to click on the surgeries you want and create your own package before you leave home.
Cost: $3,347 US.
Contact: www.plenitas.com or 54 11 6771 9097.

3. Mariachis and a makeover

The destination: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
The details: When you arrive at the Leon Airport for your 10-day holiday, a private car and driver takes you to the hospital, where you’ll receive a full face lift (including eyelid, forehead, face and neck lift). After your surgery you’ll stay for two nights in your private hospital room, and then move for a six-night stay at Facelift Mexico’s Recuperation Hacienda in the Aristos Hotel – an early 1900s artists’ colony that has been preserved by the Mexican government. Spend the rest of your vacation painting, reading or just strolling the cobblestone walkways and dining at elegant restaurants, where Mariachi bands make your experience romantic and unforgettable.
Bonus: The crisp, clean mountain air will speed up the healing process.
Cost: $950 to $1,072 US.
Contact: www.faceliftmexico.com.

4. Thai treatments

The destination: Amper Muang, Thailand
The details: Escape to the Far East for a tropical getaway. Choose the cosmetic enhancement of your choice – from Botox injections to rhinoplasty to a Punch-Graft hair transplant. Complement your surgery with a pampering treatment at the spa, choosing from a dozen packages such as the Head to Toe Revival Package or the Ultimate Tropical Escape Package. After your treatments, spend four nights at the clinic recovering, and then relocate to a five-star inn for the remainder of your holiday.
Extras: The spa is located close to Future Park Rangsit, one of the largest shopping malls in Asia.
Cost: Treatments are individually priced: $490 to $1,225 for rhinoplasty, $817 for Botox injections, $490 for collagen injections; accommodations are $105 per night. (All prices in US dollars.)
Contact: www.stcarlos.com or 011 662 975 6700.

5. Rodeo Drive rejuvenation

The destination: Beverly Hills, Calif.
The details: Want the star treatment? Stick a little closer to home by heading to the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery for your holiday. Choose your enhancements individually – from liposuction to hand lifts to cleavoplasty (to get sexy cleavage). After your surgery, recover at the Shanteque Resort, and then spend the rest of your holiday at a nearby hotel.
Extras: Rodeo Drive is just two blocks away, perfect for a shopping spree to enhance your new look.
Bonus: Celebrities flock to the institute, so save a little time to stargaze.
Cost: Treatments are individually priced: $8,577 for liposuction, $14,703 for a face lift; accommodations are $851 a night at Shanteque and $207 a night at the on-site hotel. (All prices in US dollars.)
Contact: www.bevhills.com or 1-800-854-8823.

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